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Supporting Creators From Script to Screen

We are the leading advocate of the film, television, and streaming industry around the world.

In Latin America and around the globe, the film, television, and streaming industry drives the creative economy. Our members include: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Netflix Studios, LLC, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Universal City Studios LLC, and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.


The Motion Picture Association in Mexico (MPA Mexico) serves as the voice and advocate of the major international producers and distributors of movies, television and streaming programming in Mexico and is an affiliate of the Motion Picture Association, Inc. (MPA).

MPA member companies are committed to producing original Mexican content and leveraging the strength of the local production industry to expand and sustain foreign investment in the local creative economy. Driven by technological innovation and the growing demand for streaming content around the world, our members are uniquely positioned to provide an export platform for Mexican artists and culture. With substantial investments in Mexico industry, infrastructure, and talent, MPA member companies have helped employ thousands in the local creative economy.

For more than a century – with roots dating back to 1898 when Salvador Toscano Barragán made “Don Juan Tenorio” – Mexico’s motion picture and TV industry has been creating incredible stories and characters for audiences to enjoy on screens around the globe. Early artists like Tin-Tan, Mario Moreno, and Ricardo Montalbán played an important role developing Mexico’s creative community. And more recent filmmakers like Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón, Selma Hayek, and Gael Garcia Bernal have allowed Mexico’s film industry to flourish, becoming international ambassadors for Mexico along with its people, history, creativity, and values.





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The Motion Picture Association in Brazil (MPA Brazil) supports the audiovisual industry and creative community, fostering its development, protecting creativity, artistic freedom, and the rights of creators, and providing entertainment and culture for all audiences, being one of the main players in the creative innovation sector in Brazil.  MPA Brazil represents some of the leading producers and distributors of audiovisual content for cinema, television, and more recently, streaming, in Brazil. Our members include Disney, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Discovery. These companies have a longstanding presence in Brazil, maintaining headquarters, paying taxes, and employing Brazilian professionals for decades. More importantly, our members have consistently and increasingly produced high-quality local content for both Brazilian and international audiences, investing in skills, training, and development of the local industry.

MPA Brazil’s efforts significantly contribute to Brazil’s cultural and economic landscape. The films produced and distributed by our members reach millions of viewers around the world, creating substantial cultural impacts and driving economic growth. We are committed to fostering the local economy, supporting the film exhibition industry, and sustaining a vibrant and thriving national content production sector.

The men and women working behind the scenes in Brazil also have an important story to tell, with a rich history of creativity and economic growth. Brazil’s origins in filmmaking date back nearly 120 years, beginning with Affonso Segreto in the late 19th Century, the uniquely Brazilian genre called “chanchadas,” and comedians from Oscarito to Grande Otello Glauber Rocha.


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Charles H. Rivkin, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Charles H. Rivkin is Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association (MPA), the leading advocate of the global film, television, and streaming industry. The MPA’s members currently include Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, Universal, and Warner Bros. Discovery. Drawing on 30 years of experience as a media executive and a leading U.S. diplomat, Rivkin advocates

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In 1922, motion picture studios formed the organization now known as the Motion Picture Association to protect and support the nascent film industry. Since that time, the MPA has served as the voice and advocate of the film and television industry around the world, advancing the business and art of storytelling, protecting the creative and artistic freedoms of storytellers, and bringing entertainment and inspiration to audiences worldwide.


The Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA) is founded and led by William Hays. A regulatory system, known as the Hays code, is developed to ensure the absence of “offensive material” and prevent government interference in filmmaking.


The organization changes its name to The Motion Picture Association, reflecting increased popularity of American films overseas.


Alongside the progress of the civil rights, women’s rights, and labor movements, the film industry sought artistic freedoms and the removal of Hays Code’s strict limits on certain content. In response, then-MPA president Jack Valenti creates the film rating system we use today.


The MPA establishes the Film Security Office to work closely with law enforcement officials and stem the growing threat of film piracy, which was estimated to cost the industry more than $100 million a year at the time.


Facing increasing challenges from online content theft, the MPA, under CEO Dan Glickman, bolsters its global content protection team and successfully advocates for the Pro-IP Act, the first U.S. anti-piracy law enacted in the 21st Century.


The MPA, under CEO Chris Dodd, works closely with the U.S. Government to reach an agreement with China to settle a long-running WTO dispute, opening up China’s film marketplace and dramatically boosting revenue sharing, an action that helped fuel a major expansion in global box office revenue.


The MPA joins dozens of entertainment companies to launch the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), a global coalition dedicated to protecting the dynamic legal market and reducing online piracy.


Under CEO Charles Rivkin, the MPA is championing the growing diversity of filmmakers, safeguarding intellectual property rights, advancing technological innovation, and supporting trade policies that can further expand the global film and TV marketplace.



The MPA works globally to advance public policies that support creators, protect content, and foster a thriving creative economy. Our operations include:

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Humans tell stories—it’s what we do.

Today, the stories that define our lives and shape our world are brought to life by the global creative community, including the creators and artists working in American film and television. The MPA fosters this economic and cultural enterprise by advocating for policies that recognize the power of our stories, reward creators, and allow us to produce, distribute, and protect the creative content audiences love.

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