Bringing creative content to the screen depends on the passion of creators from a wide array of backgrounds, geographies, skills, and pursuits. We are committed to building an inclusive pipeline and telling the diverse stories in our industry to advance the art and business of America’s creative economy.

We are dedicated to telling the stories behind the stories, advancing the art and business of America’s creative economy. The future of our industry lies in protecting the rights of creative communities, and in ensuring our stories and our businesses represent the diversity of our communities and our audiences.

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Inclusion and Outreach

The MPAA and its member studios are committed to great storytelling that reflects the viewpoints and experiences of all creators and audiences. That’s why the MPAA is working hard to address diversity and inclusion in our industry. By establishing programs that promote a diverse talent pipeline, creating new partnerships, and sharing what we learn, the MPAA hopes to lead by example.

Established in 2012, the MPAA’s Inclusion and Multicultural Outreach program is lead by John Gibson, Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Director, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives. John Gibson works to promote and highlight the association’s diversity and inclusion initiatives in the film and television industry.  In this role, Gibson also manages the MPAA’s partnerships with national civil rights and multicultural groups as part of the association’s outreach to leading third party organizations.

Since creating the MPAA’s Diversity and Outreach Program, John has cultivated key partnerships with leading organizations such as the American Black Film Festival; Georgia Latino Film Festival, and the Latino Donor Collaborative, of whose advisory boards he serves on; the Washington Bureau of the National Urban League, serving on its Urban Solutions Council; Hispanic Heritage Foundation; National Association of Latino Independent Producers; and many other groups working tirelessly to promote gender equality and diversity in film and television. Through his active engagement, speaking with multicultural media outlets and addressing participants at national conferences throughout the country, John has helped bring increased awareness of the multicultural projects being pursued by both the MPAA and its member studios.

Outreach and partnership programs

The MPAA partners with organizations across the country to improve inclusion and representation in the film and television industry. Learn more about some of our partnerships below:

The future of our industry lies in protecting the rights of creative communities, and in addressing issues of diversity, gender equality and representation in front of and behind the camera.


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